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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Days 45 - 52 /// colorful coloRADo

Well, we finally made it to Colorado after ~50 days on the road.  I thought this would simply mark the halfway point of the trip, but I was flooded with memories, feelings, and a sense of 'returning home' when I crossed the welcome to Colorful Colorado sign.  I can't count how many times I've passed one of those with a smile on my face.  The moto trip had me leave and return to Colorado, and now I've made my way 'back' after being in Brooklyn for almost two years.  Definitely a bit more crowded, but it's good to be back.  

Kansas was great.  We were lucky and had tailwinds for the most part.  While weather does travel W to E, wind at ground level can be a crapshoot.  Some have said we're crazy heading E to W, but majority headwind aside, there are reasons we decided this direction.  I've also found a few bonuses that I didn't know existed.  First, the sun is at our back for the majority of ride time.  That means less sun in the eyes, less sunburn/sunscreen, and much better visibility in the morning (drivers don't have EB sun in their eyes).  Anyway, it doesn't really matter which way you go, just get out and pedal.  Headwind certainly does suck, but there are plusses and minuses to every decision/direction.  

This bicycle touring thing continues to amaze.  It's certainly straining on the body and mind.  However, it's the most amazing way to stay grounded and present, and allows the opportunity to explore like no other.  You can cover large distances, but slow enough to really see, hear, and smell everything.  Not the case when blowing by in a car, moto, or plane.  Speaking of straining, I've noticed a few things that I'll need to address soon.  The ring finger on my right hand has tingling/numbness, I've been experiencing some nerve pain in my upper back, and the tops of my knees are very sore.  Stretching has helped immensely.  Everyday when I finish riding I stretch for a bit and have been honoring the commitment to myself to do 100 daily push-ups.  I think I'll extend the stretching sessions from here on out.  

I think that's enough for now.  As usual, check my dad's journal here.  I'll ramp up my writing once we're done with this chapter and I'm solo again.  For now enjoy a few more pics...  

Moto trip route - last time I returned to 'Colorful Colorado' 
Current route/progress