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Friday, September 23, 2016

100 Days Later /// TransAmerica Complete!

Well there we have it, as quickly as this thing started it's come to an end.  We rolled out of Brooklyn, away from the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday, June 11th.  Sunday, September 18th, 100 days later, we found ourselves in Florence, Oregon sipping celebratory bubbly that the girlfriend Jen was kind enough to provide.  

Here are some stats from the trip...  
Miles ridden: 4,519
Riding days: 84
Tent camping nights: 40
Saddle time: 399hrs 25mins
Longest day: 95mi / 8.5hrs
Push-ups completed: ~9k
Estimated calories burned on bike: 336k
Weight before: 178lbs
Weight after: 170lbs
Ice cream cones: ~1,334,574
Flat tires: ZERO!

Jen met us in Florence with a rental van (awesome / #vanlife).  We dropped my father off in Portland and are now taking a road trip together towards Denver.  From Portland we hit Seattle, then it was up the coast to camp.  We're currently in Vancouver exploring and visiting a friend Jayden that I met randomly in El Salvador on my moto trip.  He owns a craft beer and wine tour company called Vine and Hops, so his hospitality and 'tour-guiding' have been spot on.  Tomorrow we plan to head east towards Banff, then we'll hook a right (south) and head towards Colorado with several stops in between.

Seems like yesterday - Brooklyn Bridge
I'm still processing everything, and will write a proper recap soon.  As for next steps?  Once back in Denver I/we plan to rest for a bit.  J has been offered a one-year contract position with the Ministry of Education in St Lucia beginning Oct 10th.  I'll join her in paradise for a month or two to get settled in.  There's a chance I'll fall in love and will never want to leave, but for now I'm in the beginning stages of planning yet another two-wheeled adventure that could potentially take 9'ish months, and lead to some pretty remote and far-flung places.  Most likely my most epic yet, and perhaps this time filmed (more to come on that).  Once this is all a bit more solid I'll of course post a rough outline and itinerary.  Until then, 

Cheers pops!  I'm proud of you/us - we did it!

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  1. Another powerful trip and accomplishment David. I was with you the whole way, and my legs aren't even tired! I hope we can catch up for a beer when you're in Denver. I'm parked here until December.