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Friday, September 2, 2016

Days 77 - 84 /// Idaho Spuds & Studs

Where to begin?!?  Quite a bit has happened since the last post.  We made way to Missoula and spent three nights.  During my one-year moto trip in 2013, I met an instant British friend-for-life in El Salvador named Paul.  Magically, he met me in Missoula and we had an absolute blast kicking around town.  My padre stayed with a Warm Showers host, Paul and I stayed at the Shady Spruce Hostel in town.  At the Spruce, which is a killer place by the way, we met Tess.  She's a nice, fun, hip girl who has lived in town for a few years.  Tess showed us all the good spots and best dive bars, and we made Missoula our bitch for three days straight.  So much for catching up on rest and chores!  

Serious dive bar action in Missoula w/ Tess & Paul
It was a bit of a bummer/downer to leave good friends and a comfortable setting, but we set out to make it into Idaho.  Our second to last state actually.  We did just that and in a couple of days found ourselves cresting a pass, and in the blink of an eye, entering the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  We twisted down the Lochsa River Valley, which is stunning, filled with beautiful trees, and has become both my favorite river and camp setting on the trip.  Ended up meeting a rad new buddy somewhere in the mix named Hudson.  He is most recently from Portland and has been meandering around on his Specialized Awol for several months.  Check his site here for some killer design and photography.  Thanks for the tip on Joseph, OR Hudson.  Hoping we can meet you there on the next leg of the trip.  

After a few memorable days in/around Lochsa, we hooked a left near Kooskia and climbed up Lamb Grade (mega climb!), ending in Grangeville.  After a night with a nice Warm Showers host we made our way to Riggins.  The ride to Riggins was in-cr-ed-ible!  The climb up to Whitebird Summit was challenging, but we made it no issue.  The descent was the most incredible of the entire trip.  Reached 50+mph, which was a little hairy with the crosswind, but incredible nonetheless.  

Today my pops stayed on Highway 95, which is complete garbage.  Zero shoulder with mouth-breathing dickheads buzzing within inches.  Seriously, ACA needs to update the route.  Matt, another NY friend from along the route who I've mentioned a few times, and I decided to hop off route for 30mi or so and explored the Weiser River Trail.  This is HIGHLY recommended.  It was mostly gravel, but letting a little air out of the tires helped tremendously.  Avoiding Hwy 95 made it completely worth it.  The winding and secluded river-hugging route was a plus.  The deer, red headed woodpecker, open cattle, delicious wild apples, and freaking brown bear made it mega!  

I guess that's it for now.  Turns out, these days with 'nothing to do' actually require a lot of 'things'.  After riding 65mi today, we arrived around 6pm.  After unpacking and setting camp, I cleaned and rinsed off the bike from the off-road.  Then I set out to clean and rinse myself off as I was a mess.  Then laundry.  Then dinner.  Then getting caught up with the very patient girlfriend Jenni and emails.  Then stuff.......  Now this.  Seemingly the days are filled.  Not complaining, but not having days off is a bit taxing.  Once it's just me I plan to slow things down a bit and enjoy places I'm enjoying for a couple of days, which should provide a bit more downtime.  

For now, I'll keep on keepin' on.  Please do the same.  Until then, 

Modern day interaction = zero interaction :(

Those horns though!  

Waking up to the Lochsa River

Beautiful Lochsa River Valley

Whitebird Summit

Salmon River Valley

Hudson enjoying the sights

Paully and Tess before my epic backflip into the river

Dirtstache McGee aka David

REI ad?

Matt and I had our very own cattle drive today


  1. I rode past the Weiser trail and was flipping out about how great it looked. Some good campsites past New Meadows too, but you may have already passed them:

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